Chef Mikael Besnier-Bautista was raised by his Grandmother in France and grew up around food. A spread of food was the norm and it would be appreciated with every slow bite! His father was also a big influence by always making sauces for them. His aunt and uncle owned a restaurant and Chef knew he wanted to create food and incorporate his passion for traveling.

At the young age of 15 he began an apprenticeship! From there he went on to working in multiple upscale restaurants in different countries such as Ireland and Spain. He learned a lot about being a banquet Chef at the beautiful Castell de Ciutat in Spain. From there he worked in a Michelin star restaurant, Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley.

He met his now husband, Francisco, and went back to France where he worked at a little restaurant managing a team. Mika and Cisco decided to come back to California and then ultimately, moved up to Washington!

Mika’s signature dish is farm raised Pigeon breast with snap peas, bacon, peanuts, and mint; beautifully plated with potatoes. Three ingredients Mika cannot live without is salted butter, pork, and carrots. Mika’s specialty is to never waste any food and enjoy food by the seasons. He loves to surprise his guests with look and flavor.

(off 7th)
676 Woodland Square Loop SE
Lacey, Washington 98503